Statement of Accuracy - APM July 2015

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We have been Producing Statements of Accuracies since 1 July 2008,

Our turnaround time is within 24 hours from receiving your data and order, to supplying a certificate and returning data with any alterations needed to enable you the very best postal discounts.
Benefits of acquiring a SOA
Accurate address checking
During a typical batch run, the address checking process verifies each record in the address database against the latest New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF).

For New Zealand addresses, the address correction software will amend incorrect or incomplete addresses, add missing address details and correct any spelling or formatting errors it finds. It will standardise the format of your addresses so that databases can be merged or shared more easily.

Accurate address verification 
APM address correction software verifies addresses against the latest New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF). Over time, postcodes and suburb boundaries change. Regular address checking helps ensure your address database is correct, validated and standardised at all times. 
Better delivery rates 
Undeliverable invoices/statements, mailings or shipments can result in substantial costs and inconvenience to you and your customers. Frequent address checking helps reduce return rates, delivery surcharges and associated overheads while improving customer satisfaction. 

Postage discounts with SendRight certified software 
Our SendRight certified software enables you to qualify for mailing discounts by providing your business with a Statement of Accuracy Certificate which is required by New Zealand Post for bulk mailing discounts from July 2008. 

A SOA Certificate is supplied and is valid for 12 months. Your SOA details are sent directly through
to NZ Post to match against your AR19 lodgements.

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